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2021 LACS + DERM – Online Portion

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(1) LACS + DERM Online Content

Length: 852 minutesComplexity: Standard

Download the five PDF resources below, then watch / listen to the media that follows on this page.  Once completed, click the Complete Lesson green button at the bottom of the page to move on to the Course Evaluation. LACS + DERM DOWNLOADS Suture Course PPT Dermatology Course PPT WhiteCoat Suture Manual Ultrasound and Biopsy…

(2) Course Evaluation – LACS + DERM 2021

Please complete the Course Evaluation below.  Once you have made a selection for each question below, please click the Submit button.  The page will then reload and you can click the green Complete Lesson button to receive your CE certificate. 2020 LACS + DERM Course Evaluation What degree best describes you? Nurse Practitioner (NP) Physician…
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LACS + DERM 2022

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February 24-25, 2022
Nashville, TN

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