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Fast Pace Urgent Care | Provider Registration

Hi!  I know you’re busy, and I’m thankful for your time.

My name is Patton.  I’m a provider with Fast Pace, just like you.  My practice background is largely emergency departments, as well as the many types of care provided through Fast Pace.

Early in my career, I noticed that there was a lack of programs that taught suturing and wound closure with a concise, practical, and high-yield approach.  I also noticed that the programs that were (and are) available didn’t teach very much for the CE credit cost.  So, I wrote a course to address these needs, and OSC was born.

With OSC, I will teach you more than you thought you could ever learn about wound closure.  You’ll exit the course having earned 15.0 CE credits, and with enhanced knowledge and training with each of these topics:

  • 11 Closure Methods
  • 3 Anesthesia Approaches (infiltration, digital blocks, and field blocks)
  • The A.C.E. F.A.S.T. Closure Method (yes, it does help you ace your closures every time)
  • 9 Focused Body-Region Closures
  • Special Discussion of Pediatric Lacerations
  • Special Discussion of Anti-coagulated Patients
  • Special Discussion of Poorly Healing Lacerations
  • Treatment of Open Fractures
  • Treatment of Animal Bites
  • Appropriate Follow-up Care
  • Charting Fully and Defensively to Enhance Reimbursement and Medicolegal Protection
  • And, seriously, much more


I’ve taken live suture training courses before.  I did NOT learn as much with those as I learned with OSC.  What a phenomenal course.  Basically everything you need to know for wounds is in the course.  Yes, it’s online.  However, you get out of it what you put into it; and you can get a lot out of it.

– Cynthia Garner, DNP, FNP-BC

I’m an ED doc for 21 years now. I did not expect this course to teach me anything. I was wrong. Maybe that says something about me … maybe it says something about the course. I recommend it.

– J. D. C.

Really great course.

– Wes Smith, FNP-BC

Patton’s teaching style is alert, positive, and to the point.  I’m looking forward to the other courses he comes up with.

– Nora Vince, NP-C

School rotations included some surgical technique and I remembered some of it. What I learned from this course has improved my practice, and I’m grateful.

– John Birch, PA-C

Finally, a suture course worth the effort, money, time, all of it. I will be reviewing my notes from this course daily, as I practice in an emergency department and close a lot of lacerations.

– Bill Crandall, FNP

I flew through the course. Loved it.

– Bethany H.

We will recommend this course to our next round of students. Totally gets it right. Well put together and the value was completely there. Evidence based practice through-and-through.

– Carson Smith-Weathers, ENP, MHA

Everything I never knew I needed to know. Wow!

– Melanie Thomas, NP

FREE CME!Seriously

I'm offering you 1.0 CME for free, no strings attached.  The CME content includes:

  • Learning the horizontal mattress technique
  • Learning the A.C.E. F.A.S.T. Closure method
  • Learning how to manage ear and eye lacerations

To start learning for FREE, click the button.

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