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Course Resource Videos

Click on a video title below to play each video.  Videos play in the video window below and begin muted, so adjust the volume accordingly.


VIDEO: Introduction, Objective, Methods (8.5 min)

VIDEO: A.C.E. F.A.S.T. Closure (22 min)

VIDEO: Approach Consideration (1 hour 13 min)


VIDEO: Analgesia (14 min)

VIDEO: Steri-Strips (4.5 min)

VIDEO: Staples (4 min)

VIDEO: Glue (3 min)

VIDEO: Knot Tying (2 min)

VIDEO: Left-Handed Suturing (6 min)

VIDEO: Simple Interrupted (2 min)

VIDEO: Simple Continuous (6 min)

VIDEO: Running Locking (7 min)

VIDEO: Interrupted Cruciate (3 min)

VIDEO: Horizontal Mattress (4.5 min)

VIDEO: Vertical Mattress (3 min)

VIDEO: Corner Stitch (4 min)

VIDEO: Multi-layer Suturing (7 min)

VIDEO: Dog Ear Deformity (12.5 min)

VIDEO: Undermining (4 min)

The following videos are presented for practice purposes. They will play in video window above.  Total CE time claimed at the end of this course is dependent on full viewing and practicing with these videos.

The audio is muted so that you can focus only on the physical technique.

Video Content

  1. Knot Tying
  2. Simple Interrupted
  3. Simple Continuous
  4. Running Locking
  5. Interrupted Cruciate
  6. Horizontal Mattress
  7. Vertical Mattress
  8. Corner Stitch
  9. Dog Ear Deformity
  10. Undermining
  11. Analgesia

Thank you for investing in your practice by taking LACS – Live Advanced Course in Suturing.

If you need to reprint your invoice, watch the video below.

CE Certificate

Below you will find a link to download your LACS CE certificate.  Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with continuing education.


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