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OSC | Core (15.0 CME)


The original OSC, accessible completely online, and accredited for 15.0 CE credits.  Course progress is managed through the online learning management system incorporated into our website.  The course includes all core curriculum (listed above) and 11 hands-on practice modules that can be completed using your own supplies, or supplies purchased from the OSC store.  These modules support the core course content, and are designed to help you physically master each closure technique.  Participants who successfully complete the course will receive a CE certificate indicating their earned credits.


Add a Deluxe Suture Kit to the digital bundle to maximize your learning with the 11 hands-on practice modules.

11 Closure Techniques

Pediatric Moderate Sedation

10 Case Studies

Pediatric Lacerations

Enhanced Medicolegal Defensive Charting

Open Fractures

9 Body Region Focused Repairs

3 Anesthesia Methods

Animal Bites

suture training course

15.0 CE Credits

Our Guarantee

We guarantee you will complete the course having gained:

  • Advanced wound closure skills
  • Enhanced knowledge and skill with the application of pharmacologics in wound care
  • Enhanced assessment knowledge including knowing when to consult a specialty
  • Enhanced charting capability for medicolegal defense
  • And, more marketability and value as a provider

What You Will Learn With OSC

  • 11 Closure Methods
  • 10 Exciting Case Studies
  • 11 Hands-on Practice Modules
  • Closure Basics Including Line and Needle Selection
  • When and When Not to Close
  • The A.C.E. F.A.S.T. Closure® Method
  • Anesthesia Including Local Infiltration, Field Blocks, and Digital Blocks
  • Proper Wound Cleansing
  • Proper Wound Examination
  • Foreign Body Removal
  • Antibiotic Appropriateness
  • When to Seek Surgical Consultation
  • Current Tetanus Guidelines
  • Proper Knot Tying
  • Multi-layer Suturing
  • Repair of Torso Lacerations
  • Repair of Extremity Lacerations
  • Repair of Head and Neck Lacerations
  • C-spine Management and Imaging Related to Traumatic Head and Neck Lacerations
  • Dog Ear Deformity Correction
  • Undermining
  • SPECIAL TOPIC: Pediatric Lacerations
  • Repair of Scalp Lacerations
  • Repair of Eyelid Lacerations
  • Repair of Ear Lacerations
  • Repair of Lip Lacerations
  • Treatment of Open Fractures
  • Repair of Nailbed Lacerations
  • Repair of Flap Lacerations
  • Repair of Buccal Lacerations
  • Repair of Tongue Lacerations
  • Repair of Joint Capsule Lacerations
  • Treatment of Animal Bites
  • SPECIAL TOPIC: Lacerations in the Anticoagulated Patient
  • SPECIAL TOPIC: Managing Poorly Healing Lacerations
  • Appropriate Follow-up Care
  • Medicolegal Tips and Nuggets



Your course will never expire.  CE credit can be earned at any point going forward from the time you purchase the course.  There is no time limit.  CE credit is awarded on the calendar you complete the course.



You have made the right decision and your practice is going to accelerate into high gear as you progress through your course.  We are always here to assist you with technical problems, issues with course navigation, and anything else you may need related to the course or website.  We’re only an email away:

To access the course, visit, or visit and click on Sign In in the top right corner of the browser window.  Your login credentials are the email address and password you used when you registered for the course.  After logging in, follow the on-screen instructions to access your course.



You’re on the road to developing new skills and enhancing old ones.  Please give us a few days to get your order ready to ship.  We’ll email you when it’s ready to ship, including a tracking number.



Your USB drive is included in either a shipping box (NOMAD Edition) or your practice suture kit (NOMAD Deluxe Edition), wrapped in a bubble wrap bag.  Your USB drive contains all course videos and materials accessed through a main menu on the drive.  Once you have worked your way through all course content on the drive, return to the Online Suture Course website and login using your course credentials.  Within this online portion of the NOMAD course, you will be able to complete the case studies, final assessment, and course evaluation to earn CE credit.


7 reviews for OSC | Core (15.0 CME)

  1. J. D. C.

    I’m an ED doc for 21 years now. I did not expect this course to teach me anything. I was wrong. Maybe that says something about me … maybe it says something about the course. I recommend it.

  2. Bethany H.

    I flew through the course. Loved it.

  3. Wes Smith

    Really great course.

  4. Anonymous


  5. Anonymous

    Had a problem connecting to part of the course initially. Excellent customer service got it taken care of. Also, excellent course!

  6. Shelli

    A really great course

  7. Rachel Kloehn (verified owner)

    Great info!

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