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Deluxe Wound Closure Practice Toolbox


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The Deluxe Wound Closure Practice Kit includes:

  • (8) Practice sutures in varying line and needle sizes (3-0 to 6-0)
  • (1) Skin stapler (35 wide staples)
  • (1) Skin staple remover
  • (1) Laceration tray
  • (1) Rugged practice kit box

SUGGESTION: Make the most of your practice toolbox by practicing on a variety of human analogues including chicken breasts with skin on them, bananas, and pigs feet.

NOTE: We send out tons of kits and we source quality practice supplies. Because we use multiple suppliers, there is a chance that the kit you receive will have slightly different supplies than those pictured above. However, each kit will come with exactly what is listed (it just may be a different brand or have a different packaging).

Additional information

Weight3.5 lbs
FREE CME!Seriously

I'm offering you 1.0 CME for free, no strings attached.  The CME content includes:

  • Learning the horizontal mattress technique
  • Learning the A.C.E. F.A.S.T. Closure method
  • Learning how to manage ear and eye lacerations

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