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Hello.  I’m Patton.

In 2016, I recognized a new mission for my life – to positively impact my profession, my peers, and the world in which we practice through education and giving.

WhiteCoat Education Group, OSC, and our newest start, Practice Frontiers, are all guided by this mission.

Every corporate iron that we have in the fire is fundamentally an engine for accessible nursing and medical education.  Our partners and our customers recognize this, and I want you to see it as well.  Our entire learning catalog is designed with you in mind, from deciding to sell our educational products below the current average market CE credit cost so that they can be more affordable, to working with web developers to enhance and simplify the user interface (a work in progress), to writing educational programs that are not filled with fluff but offer high-yield takeaways with each encounter.  We’re in this for you and with you.

With each of our endeavors, I want you to know that we give as a result of our success. Every for-profit business generates an annual profit, some number that boils to total revenue minus the costs of doing business.  That final number, the actual profit, from that we subtract a portion and we give it to charity:water, a non-profit non-government organization that brings clean drinking water to millions of people worldwide.  When you partner with us for your continuing education needs, you become part of a socially responsible family who gives.  So, thank you.

I’m a Jesus follower.  I’m not a perfect person, but my belief in God, and in Jesus, who I believe is a real historic person and the savior of the world, drives me to be better every day.  I want you to know that my beliefs guide my choices and influence what I do.  My beliefs cause me to fully desire to create the best learning opportunities for my peers.  My beliefs cause me to want to do good and be better today than I was yesterday.  My beliefs compel me to be an honest and fair business-operator.  This is who I am and this is a brief explanation of why I do what I do.  Being a Jesus follower isn’t a religion.  It is a vertical relationship with the creator of the universe that enhances the horizontal relationships we have with fellow humans.  If you want to learn more about being a Jesus follower, check out Andy Stanley’s discussion on the aftermath of the historic event of the resurrection.

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