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WhiteCoat Suture Manual

The ultimate suturing manual

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The WhiteCoat Suture Manual is the ultimate resource for laceration closure and management covering 13 closure techniques and 33 topics.

Addresses all the questions you (should) have, including:

When should you consult an orthopedist or surgeon?
How do you properly assess a joint’s involvement in a laceration?
When should you refrain from closing a wound?
How do you close an ear laceration?
What technique is best for closing deep extremity wounds?
Are antibiotics appropriate for every wound?
How long do sutures stay in place in a given body region?


  • Helpful section tabs bring you right where you want to be quickly
  • Case studies integrate guidelines with practice
  • Featuring the A.C.E. F.A.S.T. Closure Method
  • Closure instruction by body system 
  • Pages: 168
  • Size: Lab-coat ready, pocket size (4.25″ x 6.0″)
  • Shipping: Free


***Includes FREE access to 15 suture technique videos.

6 reviews for WhiteCoat Suture Manual

  1. N. B.

    I was given an advance copy by the author to read and give feedback on. I am EM board certified and practice emergency medicine. It is from that perspective that I can vouch for WhiteCoat Suture Manual, and recommend it as a rich resource for new and old providers alike.

  2. Scott S.

    Great handy resource. Not yet the caliber of Sanford and the like, but worth it’s weight in gold for clinicians who are not expert suterers. I received an advance copy and highly recommend to all clinicians in primary, urgent, and emergency care.

  3. Pamela A.

    [ADVANCE COPY RATING] This book was free. And I didn’t have to leave a review. However, I wanted to leave one. I would have purchased this book if I hadn’t received a review copy. I’m a physician assistant and my practice setting is urgent care. I will have this book in pocket everyday going forward. It’s a really great, easy to use resource.

  4. Mary Faw

    This is a great resource for urgent care.

  5. Brittany Bryant

    I love it!

  6. Donna Cheryll Collins

    Really loved the suture course! Love his demeanor as an instructor…..felt exactly like being in the ER with one on one training!

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