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8 reviews for OC

  1. Jenny W

    Loved it

  2. Mark V Shelton

    looks like what I want

  3. Kristen

    About to start the course!!

  4. Bobbie Mackenzie

    Great course!

  5. Kelly Hopkins

    This is by far the most fun I have had with a CME. Patton was very personable, knowledgeable, and fun to listen to. It was obvious this is something he loves to do and it showed through his teaching and examples. Highly recommended.

  6. Rani Falconer

    Excellent, comprehensive course, well thought out and easy to understand. The kit for practice was especially helpful. Highly recommended for those just learning to suture and for those needing a refresher. Legal tips, such as proper documentation, are an added and very useful benefit!

  7. Donna Cheryll Collins

    Really loved the suture course! Love his demeanor as an instructor. It felt exactly like being in the ER with one-on-one training!

  8. Courtney Rosenbaum

    Very helpful information and skills experience for a new NP.

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