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Why Choose OSC

OSC is More Than Just Techniques

OSC is up-to-date and high-yield.

OSC gives you the opportunity to earn 15.0 continuing medical education credits.

OSC teaches you a significant amount of practical, patient-centered, evidence-based approaches and techniques for wound closure.

OSC brings you into a family of Advanced Practice Providers who enjoy putting their patient’s pieces back together.  This means you aren’t alone in practice; you can reach out any time to the OSC family for questions and get real feedback.

OSC adds to your armament of defense with medicolegal nuggets and charting suggestions.

You Signed Up to Be a Professional

Yes – you did.

My wife and I have eight kiddos.  Yep, eight.  Six boys and two girls.  We homeschool, and we do many other activities that are just us.  This includes hair cuts.  I love adjustable trimmers.  This makes hair cutting time a breeze and gives my boys that oh-so-awesome high and tight military cut.  I’m great at cutting their hair (my wife is, too).  But, we are not professional cosmeticians.  We know how to use one tool and cut hair in one, maybe two, ways.  Professional cosmeticians can handle essentially any haircut request that walks through their door.

You – at this stage in your game – might know one, two, maybe three suturing techniques.  That doesn’t qualify you as a professional when it comes to closing wounds.  You earned your license, and you practice (in every sense of the word) daily to be a professional.  Why sell yourself – and your patients – short when it comes to being a professional wound closer?  Knowing only a few techniques severely limits your capabilities, and your patient outcomes may even be suffering.

Practice to your full potential by learning as much as you can about suturing and wound closure.  You signed up to be a professional, so be one.

be a professional

This Guy

That chubby kid in the picture – that’s me (with my Grandmother, a really great woman). 

I’m a real person and I teach from what I’ve learned.  I’m a husband, father, and active nurse practitioner.  I show up for shifts every week like you do.  Sometimes I’m working in a busy emergency department.  Other times, I’m in a busy urgent and primary care clinic.  I deal with real patients who have real problems.  I’m fully connected with actual practice.

I started teaching in 2015 through one platform or another.  It eventually led me to the belief that I could contribute to my fellow Advanced Practice Providers through continuing education. 

I actually shot the footage for OSC on my off days over the course of a year.  I learned how to edit video, and then I learned as much as I could about the vast world of websites.  It still gives me a headache and brings a tear to my chubby eye when I think about that steep learning curve.  I’m still learning, though.  Ultimately, that’s what brought you here – the desire to continue learning.  So, let’s keep learning together.

Social Responsibility

Becoming part of the OSC learning family makes you part of a socially responsible organization.

I have a soft spot for Ethiopia.  I’ve spent a lot of time there.  I’ve walked through the streets of Korah and seen the poverty, paucity, and poor living conditions.  I’ve visited the orphanages of Shashamane and seen the pride that young school children have when given a chance to learn who they are and what they’re capable of (less than 9% actually get this chance).  I’ve bled, sweated, cried, and loved with the people of Ethiopia.  They have a real need for change, and an awesome non-profit NGO called charity: water has built a big presence in Ethiopia, bringing clean drinking water to thousands and alleviating some of the burden linked to something we find so commonplace.

To learn more about what OSC is doing to partner with charity: water, click here.  The bottom-line is that we’re helping, and joining the OSC learning family makes you an active participant in that help, too.

What are you waiting for?  Join the elite group of Professional Advanced Practice Providers who have learned from OSC.

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